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Louis Jensen | The Importance of

Story Telling

A presentation by documentary film maker Louis Jensen at The Art Conference in July 2016 in London.


Jensen looks at the importance of storytelling and how stories can break down cultural barriers and build strong relationships with our audiences. About Louis Jensen: Over the past two years Spraying Bricks has evolved into a network of artists and creatives from across the globe. From established to emerging street and graffiti artists we aim to showcase the process so that the rest of the world can appreciate the efforts, inspirations, trials and tribulations that creatives take to achieve their goal and eventually the end product for the public to admire. Filming the piece from start to finish theres hope the audience will in some way feel connected with the artist and gain more of an understanding of methods, thoughts and style. With street art still seen by some as deviant, I wanted to create a new platform for artists to expose and showcase their skills and expertise and also show the thought process and steps taken to create their art. Many people appreciate street art in all forms, however sheltered from how it was created...and that in my eyes is part of the art itself, the process and the obstacles you have to overcome in


54:19 min   |   English   | Louis Jensen

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