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Charlotte Webster | Challenging Traditions

A presentation by environmental artist and founder of Human Nature, Charlotte Webster at The Art Conference in London, UK.


Webster explores the opportunity and responsibility of environmentally-focussed art in a modern industry context. About Charlotte Webster: Charlotte is an artist, designer and the founder of Human Nature. She was born in 1981 near some large green fields and three giant beech trees under the vast skies of Norfolk. She grew up in a home filled with art, crafts, artists, making, doing and fixing. A self-taught artist with a fascination for the natural and social world, Charlotte studied Geographical Sciences at University of Bristol, but unswervingly maintained her passion for pencils and paintbrushes throughout her study. Charlotte’s work vividly celebrates the beauty of the natural world, attempting to capture the quietly powerful spirit of connectedness. Her graphical painting and designs often focus on symbolism, traditional indigenous cultures, our relationship with the animal kingdom and the environment around us.

29:47 min   |   English   | Charlotte Webster

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