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Vestalia Chilton | Challenging Traditions

A presentation by curator Vestalia Chilton at The Art Conference is London, UK. 


Chilton discusses her mural project MB6 Street, celebrating the cultural heritage of Maghreb and created to encourage local participation with art.


Vestalia Chilton studied Valuation and Auctioning of Fine Art and Chattels at De Montfort University. The desire was to undertake this specialised degree as it covered the business side of the arts, restoration and conservation and not just art history or theory. A result of this decision found her working for two years at Sotheby’s Bond Street after graduating. The work was varied however there did seem to be rather a lot of polishing of the silver in the Russian department.


Working at an auction house was reminiscent of a conveyer belt of artifacts going into a sale. An average auction is made up of 200 to 300 lots and despite this being a huge learning curve Vestalia felt that you didn’t get enough time with each artist or the actual artwork. The arts are not simply a commodity but a cultural entity and Vestalia began to realise that she wanted to be working with living artists, to make art that ‘is at work’ and is not put into a box for secure storage. Out of this realization Attollo Art was born: a bridge between the public and the artist. ‘Art away from the gallery walls’ is at the core of their mission and satisfies the desire that Vestalia has to be ‘hands on’.

23:46 min   |   English   | Vestalia Chilton

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